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Blog implementation: do you risk the fear of success?

The BPI Institute website have an article covering the problems of successfully implementing a business process management¬† (BPM) solution. Don’t know what a BPM is? Don’t worry – I only have the faintest idea. What was striking were the reasons

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What exactly are WordPress theme frameworks?

If you are a long-time WordPress developer who understands all the ins and outs of theme development then this post isn’t for you. OK, now we’ve got that out of the way, for those of you left, let’s try and

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BuddyPress: ‘Facebook in a box’

Andy Peatling from BuddyPress kicks off Wordcamp 2009 for me. So, what is BuddyPress? In another presentation, Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress founder describes BuddyPress as ‘Facebook in a box’ ideally suited to the creation of niche social networks. Features include

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WordPress for iPhone now available

For all you geeks-on-the-go, the folk at WordPress have introduced WordPress for iPhone: an open source app that lets you synch your blog and write posts directly from your iPhone: [kml_flashembed movie="" width="400" height="224" wmode="transparent" /] This should be compatible

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Top corporate blogging tools

Matt Dawson of Category 4 goes into detail about your platform options for corporate blogging. These include WordPress (which I’d heartily recommend), ExpressionEngine and custom solutions. What about Moveable Type? I’m not a fan, but shouldn’t it be included as

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WordPress meeting: Wordcamp San Francisco 2008

Wordcamps are events organised by the WordPress gang to pull together developers working on the popular blogging platform. The latest event took place recently in San Francisco, pulling together some of the top brass working on WordPress. The affable inventor

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BuddyPress: Social networks on WordPress

Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend this session, but thankfully, through the beauty of blogging, there are numerous other accounts online. BuddyPress grew out of a series of plug-ins that added social functionality to WordPress MU (the multi-user edition). It

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