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Secret of virality

Ben Huh, CEO of Icanhascheezburger gave a great presentation on how to get your viral message out. This guy walks the walk: LOLCats has really taken off as a tool to mashup and share sweet animal photos. Beyond that, his presentation here was excellent – viral in its own way.

BODY { FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-SIZE:10pt } P { FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-SIZE:10pt } DIV { FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-SIZE:10pt } TD { FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-SIZE:10pt } He explains that viral is the ability to build goodwill. If you really want to build a business out of this, you need to think about creating something lasting – don’t just go for that initial spike of interest.

I’d have to say, having heard a lot of so-called experts speak on this at Web2.0 Expo and other conferences, this really was a great lesson in online marketing 101. Go after sustainable virality. Think of the medium (eg. Twitter is often more trusted than a blog post).

Check out Ben Huh’s presentation