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Finding Twitter communicators in your organization using Tweepsearch

If you work in a large or distributed enterprise and are tasked with finding the members of your organization who are bullish about the use of social media, you may have realized just how tricky this can be. In these days, where company communications are slipping further away from the centralized model and into the hands of employees, there is no easy way to locate those employees who could be your best advocates.

If your organization is anything like the ones I’ve worked for, these individuals often fall outside the traditional folk who have handled corporate communications: PR, product marketing, field marketing, etc. Working in the B2B tech space, many new communicators are popping out of the cadre of young developers entering the company. We as communicators/marketers can play a great facilitation role: imparting comms training to willing subject matter experts. Problem is finding these people.

Step up Tweepsearch

Tweepsearch is a very specific Twitter tool: it just searches Twitter profiles. This makes it particularly useful for finding those folks on Twitter who are affiliated with your organization. Eg. for IBM, here’s a sample of the Twitter profiles the service throws up:

The service lists the number of followers, to give a sense of the degree of influence, and the number of updates which gives an indication of the level of commitment.

Next step is to isolate those handles that look most promising and start contacting them directly.

Other uses of Tweepsearch

This isn’t the only use of this service: a topic search can help locate those people on Twitter who share your interests. You can also search by geography if you want to find those who Tweet on the subject of your locale.

So, go ahead and give Tweepsearch a whirl. Let me know if you find new uses for this interesting tool.