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Twitter customer testimonials: the Radian6 way

As you’d expect from an savvy social media monitoring organization like Radian6, their homepage has all the social bookmarking icons that have become de riguer for any website in this space.

However, they have something interesting going on over on the right hand side of the current homepage layout:

radian6 homepage

Well, it’s not unusual for companies to play up their customer testimonials to help build trust for visiting prospects. However if you click through on one of the testimonials, you are taken to a page listing all the props they have received on Twitter:

radian6 twitter customer testimonials

What a fascinating approach! Talk about portraying trust. These obviously aren’t testimonials extracted under duress by a demanding marketing team five years ago. Just real people providing unsolicited tributes and recommendations. If you so desire you can even click on their profiles and go through and see who they are. Oh, and look at the timestamps: praise flows on a daily basis.

Could this work for you? If you have a lively customer base on Twitter, and products they are all singing about, why not highlight this on your website?

Setting up Twitter customer testimonials

The first step is to favorite all those positive posts. Radian6 has done that here:

Radian6 favorites on Twitter

The next step is to take the RSS feed from this page and build a page on your site that displays this in a tidy Twitter format. If you are non-technical, ask your IT team to knock something up or look into modules that can do this for you. If you have a site built in PHP, you can try adapting this script from Lylo.

And that is pretty much it.

I’d suggest this as a great example of how social media can supplement a web marketing strategy. Any other examples? Let me know…