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IBM partners with digital agencies to target the new IT buyer: the CMO!

In case you needed more evidence that the CMO is becoming an increasingly important purchaser of IT (driven largely by SaaS applications),  check out this new offering from IBM tailored for Digital Marketing Agencies.

To bring this to light, we put together this Storify of the coonversations surrounding the launch:

the top hashtags on twitter for startups and entrepreneurs

So where exactly do startups congregate on Twitter? How can you follow along with the broad conversation? If you are looking to get in front of the startup crowd, which hashtag should you use?

Take a look at this ranking report for the last 90 days:

startup hashtags nov 2014

Source: Sysomos

I was surprised to see #entrepreneur outrank #startup. I somehow thought the shorter anglo-saxon term would win out.  Also surprising to see #podcast on the list (although ‘Serial’ may have something to do with that).

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plug into these convos now!

The rapid growth of social over search

Take a look at this graph pulled from Google Trends comparing the search terms ‘social media marketing’ and ‘search marketing’.

Blue: social media marketing
Red: search marketing

google trends social media mkt search

I wonder if this keeps any folks at the mighty G up at night? Even if we as users still rely heavily on search, you could make the argument that marketing as a discipline has shifted its interest in the direction of social.

Funny that 2011 represents the watershed, at least for these search terms. In the social media industry, we tend to think of this as the year social finally came of age.

Food for thought?