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Google+ Explained for Business

I recently was asked to talk about how Google+ can be leveraged for business as part of the social media enablement we’re providing for our business division. It got me thinking as to where the real value lies in Google+.

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IBM turning 100: smarter planet, social media and meat chopping

2011 is quite a year for IBM. It marks its one hundredth year as company; as a brand. What does this mean to me. Partly a reflection on what a brand means. Especially as I’m one of the newer entrants

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IBM Seer: augmented reality and what the umpire doesn’t see at Wimbledon

Funny thing about working for an uber-company is that sometimes you learn about the cool stuff being produced through external sources. Such was the case this week when the excellent FIR podcast made an obscure mention to IBM’s augmented reality

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Have you considered segmenting your Twitter strategy?

I had an illuminating discussion with Delphine Remy-Boutang (@DelphRB), who is a social media marketing manager at IBM. She has run some successful social media campaigns and has pulled together some great slides evangelizing the use of social media for

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