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Get your message re-tweeted | Corporate blogging news digest

I should make it clear that this digest is as much about corporate microblogging as it is about corporate blogging. Why? The two are becoming inseparable. We’re rapidly getting to the stage where every blog needs a link to a Twitter profile (although not necessarilly vice-versa).  Twitter is also beginning to show up as a major traffic referrer for many blogs.

In terms of measuring the effectiveness of your tweets (Twitter posts), a big test is to look at your re-tweets: the people in your network who like a particular Tweet and forward it to their network. The better your posts, the bigger your chance of being re-tweeted. The Tweetdeck client is great for measuring re-tweets.

How do you get your messages re-tweeted? Social Computing Magazine have some great tips: think about content, headline, size and your position within your network, among other things.

News highlights

Three Questions to Ask (& Answer!) Before Starting a Customer Blog (SocialComputingMagazine)
Really think about your audience if you are at the stage of starting a blog for your customers. Make sure you have knowledgeable writers and find out what your customers want before you start writing.

How to Pitch to Bloggers – 10 Tips (Andrea Vascellari)
Slightly different to the normal tips that I feature, this centers on how to engage bloggers you would like to feature your brand or product. Bloggers are a special bunch, so need to be treated differently from other groups (such as traditional press).

Google Friend Connect Hooks Up With Blogger (sorry if this is old news)
Google Connect is now available on Blogger. The idea? Don’t just write one blog – participate in many and keep all your activity in one neat place. Will Google fulfill the Web2.0 dream: one social network that arcs over any platform. Perhaps if they patch things up with Twitter (this week Google CEO Eric Schmidt made news by declaring Twitter is little more than jumped-up email).

Evan Williams on what’s behind Twitter’s explosive growth (YouTube)
Beyond lifestream updates, people are using Twitter to send out news (including LA Times), event twittering and a Taco truck that lets you know where it is. “Twitter was designed as a broadcast medium”. People developed the syntax (eg. Retweeting, hashtags). The search wasn’t originally intended to be part of the service!

Media 2.0 Best Practices wiki
An attempt by industry experts to define what are best practices for communicating in this Web2.0 world. The wiki will be opened to a wider audience soon, so you can be a part of shaping a code of conduct for this industry.

Forrester Says Paying Bloggers is OK Provided There are Disclosures
Would you accept money to blog on a given topic, or for a particular brand? Open disclosure is key, says Forrester. Somehow I think this doesn’t completely clear up the debate.

Who Is Really Writing Those Twitter Feeds? Ghost Twittering article from Newsweek
First we had ghost-writing on blogs. Now the thorny issue has jumped over into the Twitterverse.

What would you put in corporate Twitter usage guidelines? (Currybetdotnet)
I’m sure this is timely (given I had already attended one meeting on this topic prior to reading this post), but companies will have to start thinking about Twitter in the same way they think about blogging: by devoting a guideline doc to it.

Corporate Blogging Rules (AB Strategic)
The emphasis here is on designing an interface that doesn’t detract from the real prize: your content.

Great tips for using Twitter to promote/engage users at events/conferences
There was a time live blogging stole the limelight. Looks like that mantel has been handed to Twitter. Some great observations here on how to use Twitter as an online aid to events.

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