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How do you track leads from Twitter posts? The URL shortening service is one way

The very sharp Sandy Carter asked a question today that had been playing in the back of my mind but being the weak marketer I am, I never really fully got my teeth into: if you put out a promotion

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Scoble calls for companies to use Friendfeed

Robert Scoble, the celebrated ex-Microsoft blogger was recently interviewed by CIO Magazine. For aggregating content, Scoble says he makes considerable use of Friendfeed.  He points out that although companies are beginning to embrace Twitter, there has been little involvement with

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When social networks talk: Friendfeed now linking to Twitter

Friendfeed, the aggregating social network now has an interesting feature: if you use Twitter, you can automatically post your Friendfeed activity as Tweets. Friendfeed is ideal for pulling together all your updates on Flickr,, Flickr or other online social

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Friendfeed stripping out duplicates

You may have seen this already, but Friendfeed has introduced an excellent feature in its latest revision: it will automatically strip out duplicates. If, like me, you use services such as Mahalo to post content in various places (eg. Twitter,

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Facebook, Feeds and Micro-Blogging

It seems like no online marketing seminar is complete nowadays without at least one session on social media. SES San Jose was no exception – social media optimization is definitely creating a buzz in the industry (as it has been

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