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Earning back trust | Corporate blogging news digest

This week, there continues a flurry of posts offering advice in the wake of Forrester’s report on the lack of trust in corporate blogging. The rub here is how to maintain transparency and fair-mindedness on a blog that on one level is a corporate communications tool.

Meanwhile, a web communications researcher within Daimler, the German car maker, has been looking at whether blogs follow the Gartner Hype Cycle. Early indications suggest a correlation. Is this what you see on your corporate blogs?

News highlights

IBM Social Computing Guidelines
IBM takes Web 2.0 transparency seriously: they even publish the social media guidelines all employees of IBM are asked to adhere to. A great template if you manage social media or corporate blogs

Magpie – advertising on Twitter feeds. Is this a good thing?
Would you let ads be ‘occasionally’ inserted into your feed? Seems to me like this conflicts with Twitter etiquette, but monetization models around Twitter are only going to increase.

Top 25 Ways to Tell if Your Social Media Expert Is a Carpetbagger
Social media experts are springing up everywhere, but how can you weed out the fakes? Here are some pointers, although I’m not convinced on all of these, especially the points around blogging. Eg. personal blog posting frequency.

Corporate Blogging is not the same as Blogging
Short post that raises one important question: ‘Do you blog to inform or to express [yourself]’? My question: can you do both?

Is a CEO blog is right for your company?
Business Blog Advice discusses the thorny subject of whether or not it makes sense to let your CEO pen a blog.

Blogging obstacles: views from a seasoned IBM blogger
If you feel the blogging devil on your back, or suffer from blog writer’s block, Aaron Kim has a few words of advice for you. Don’t treat a blog post like a magazine article, but rather like reading and writing emails. Dip in and dip out, but just keep on posting.

Blogging strategy – pick experts and use social media for distribution
Pivotal Branding offer a few words of advice on maintaining a corporate blog. “If you have a blog and its not generating the interest you are expecting, try tweaking your approach. If you can make your content more personal and accountable, you could turn that extra web page into a community of loyal customers.”

Corporate blogging follows Gartner Hype Cycle: Daimler research
According to a PhD student researcher, the Daimler blogs follow the Gartner Hype Cycle when measured against Technorati authority. It would be good to see some more research around this before jumping to any conclusions.

Top Five Rules for Creating a Successful Video Blog for Business: MarketingProfs
As more and more companies are producing multimedia, a blog can be a great outlet for some of this content, particularly video. Brent Altomare of video production firm Groovy Like a Movie offers his top tips for producing content. Remember to be yourself!

How Obama Will Use Web Technology
There’s a lot we can learn in the corporate world from the use of social media in Obama’s presidential campaign. This looks set to continue into the presidency, including the ‘fireside’ chats on YouTube.

Writing tips from writing coach Joanna Young
Looking to perfect your P’s and Q’s? Keep up with Joanna Young’s tips on bold writing. (I’m sure she’d have a thing or two to say about my mushy prose).

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