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What is a community manager?

Fellow IBMer Kevin Czap recently took the position of the community manager for the developerWorks Cloud Computing Central group. DeveloperWorks is IBM’s central external resource for developers and IT professionals and Kevin defined his role as follows: The Community Managers

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Tweetdeck introduces new features including Directory

Tweetdeck, one of the most popular Twitter desktop clients, has recently rolled out a new edition which now features a directory of Twitterers to follow. Topics include ‘Sports News’, ‘Environment’, ‘Technology’, ‘Business & Marketing’ amongst others. The service is particularly

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BuddyPress: ‘Facebook in a box’

Andy Peatling from BuddyPress kicks off Wordcamp 2009 for me. So, what is BuddyPress? In another presentation, Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress founder describes BuddyPress as ‘Facebook in a box’ ideally suited to the creation of niche social networks. Features include

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Social media game at IBM Impact event

IBM is currently hosting its annual SOA event at the Venetian in Las Vegas. In order to promote the event and to encourage collaboration between attendees and those who couldn’t make it this year, IBM have launched a number of

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NYT’s Clive Thompson on personal news feeds

The growth of news feeds on social networking sites continues to gather momentum. The New York Times recently ran a piece by Clive Thompson on being connected digitally. Facebook set a major trend when it created the newsfeed allowing you

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Facebook, Feeds and Micro-Blogging

It seems like no online marketing seminar is complete nowadays without at least one session on social media. SES San Jose was no exception – social media optimization is definitely creating a buzz in the industry (as it has been

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