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The internet of toilets is coming for you

I didn’t know what I was walking into tonight heading to the Galvanize SF space in downtown SF. Quite literally. I thought the memo said I’d be attending a Blumix Girls’ Night

I guess I’ll never know what that would have been. But hell, I got to hear Donnie Berkholz from the mighty RedMonk treat us to a view of the not-too-distant future of the Internet of Things (IoT) during a special Bluemix Garage event.

A future in which our toilets tell us when they need cleaning.

You’ve got ‘people as things’ on the web (to organizations like LinkedIn we’re just data blobs) and ‘things as people’ (fridges getting all conversational).

A great takeaway: real-time data is useless without real-time action. So beware the hype!

Another great takeaway: JavaScript is the language that really enables developers to work at speed. No new skills required. Just stick node.js into your app.

One thing struck me: how IoT is really a story of what we can do if we can effortlessly process info from sensors. Technological/development and societal forces are converging to a point where it makes more sense than not to offer this capability to the greatest number of people at the lowest price (as the pundits say, data does work like oil). What kind of impact could this have? Well, for starters what if all employers do the same thing the sports industry does and optimize the workforce for maximum  performance using data and patterns.

Things could get very odd very fast. We’re talking digital disruption. Or are we?

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[Yay! Donnie posted the slides]