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Modernize your Lotus Notes applications (webinar)

Keeping applications is a perennial problem in any IT organization. This is particularly the case for critical collaboration applications like Lotus Notes, where security, performance and feature enhancements can significantly increase business value.

With the launch of Transformer 2.0, GROUP Business Software provides a package that combines software engineering with consulting services to help organizations leverage their significant investments on the Internet and on a cloud platform of their choosing.

In this webinar, GROUP will detail the key features in Transformer 2.0 pulling highlights from the recent event at MIT featuring a panel of IBM Executives. You will learn how to:

  • Rapidly modernize existing Domino applications with no data migration required
  • Extend applications to private and public clouds with no lock-in
  • Leverage existing infrastructures (hardware, middleware, directory services)
  • Standardize application appearance across your organization 

Transformer 2.0 accelerates the modernization and web enablement of your Lotus Notes applications. Don’t miss this presentation that will show you the easiest and best path to the future for your Domino investments.

The webinar is FREE – Watch the webinar now

How Social Business relates to the Smarter Planet narrative

On a presentation today, Scott Neuman from IBM Collaborative Solutions showed how Social Business fits in with the key tenets of the Smarter Planet:


How are we getting more instrumented? As an example, smartphone shipments will outpace PCs by 2012. Technology is closer to us than ever before. For instance Location-Based Services allow us to share information directly related to our current location. Devices play a more integral role in our lives than ever before.


Beyond the proliferation of devices, we are seeing more of these devices being network-enabled. As a result, social networking accounts for 22% of all online time. Through Social Business, enterprises can realize more value by creating linkages across the ecosystem. Whether this involves tying up customer feedback to product development to fuel product innovation, or sharing information across a global sales organization, business operations can be more agile, customer-facing and inherently more valuable.


We are seeing increasing use of social data to help shape business decisions. Business Analytics and Optimization plays heavily into this area. Whether this be analysis of front-end data from social media monitoring or an examination of product forum threads to expose customer pain points, the Social Business is a smarter business.

This fits in neatly with the recent launch of the IBM Social Business site in the Smarter Planet area of IBM.com. You’ll find a number of resources, including the IBM Social Business Jam which I recently blogged about and a notable mention of IBMer Luis Suarez Rodrigues, who has been a major advocate of internal social networking here.

Lotusphere 2011 opening session: mobile, social business has arrived

Lotusphere Opening General Session So IBM’s premier social business event, Lotusphere 2011, is now fully underway.

Who better to get things started than Hollywood legend Kevin Spacey: few have done a better job of capturing the zeitgeist. Whether it’s a portrait of middle-aged, middle-America ennui in American Beauty or producing the Aaron Sorkin-scripted dissection of the rise and rise of Facebook (‘The Social Network’), Kevin Spacey is a man with his proverbial finger on the pulse. (If you missed it, I can recommend his recent appearance on the Colbert Report). “Stay open and listen to other’s points of view” is one of his takeaways.

Key themes from this year’s opening:

Marketing page creation

The energetic Brian Cheng shows off some of the powerful new features of Lotus Connections 3 (LC3) for building an external web presence. Drag-and-drop functionality allows a marketer to build a web landing page on the fly – fully incorporating those social features demanded by the market today. You can even see how the experience will be for someone who is logged in to the community (eg. maybe they see their network connections and have the ability to comment on specific parts of the page) versus what a new visitor will see. Full integration with Coremetrics and SugarCRM means you have can see instantly just how well the page is performing.

Interesting development from Lotus Connections given its general perception as an intranet tool. Will we see a further crumbling of the iron curtain that separates the intranet from the external presence of an organization? 

The mobile experience

As mobile usage continues to soar, we demand more of our web applications to be accessible from our smart phones as we wait in line for our Chai Tea Latte. This morning we see multiple demonstrations of just how LC3 performs in the mobile space. Cheng shows how marketing pages created with the Customer Experience Suite can have a specific look for a specific device (in this case demonstrating how the site will appear on an iPad). We also see how presentations shared within LC3 can also be viewed via a Blackberry app. The Sametime messaging system will have mobile support, making it easier to get on the phone when your Sametime instant-messaging chat conversation goes south.

Video support

During the demo, the Lotus Connections team show new web-based video capabilities integrated with enterprise communications systems like Polycom. For instance, video conferencing a la Skype can be embedded directly into the page of a presentation, creating a more interactive experience. The team showcases web-based video so there is no need for the installation of any plugins. Not quite sure what technology underpins this but there is the announcement of a big commitment to HTML5 in the later press conference (yey!). 


So you want to organize your communities by brand, function, department, etc. LC 3 now supports sub-communities so that you can group together related networks. All settings (including permissions) can be defined at the sub-community level. So, for instance, you can use one sub-community to surface part of a project for external stakeholders whilst keeping the internal workflows more private.

Integration of mail and social

Activity streams can be woven into the mail experience (regardless of mail server) so a user can see all conversation in a single interface. No doubt this will continue to grow and form the segue of modern corporate communications, especially amongst the younger workforce who relate to email the way I relate to fax technology.

So, a lot to look forward to in the next three days in Orlando as IBM’s vision of social business unfolds.

Be sure to check out the live stream recording and live blogging from ReadWriteWeb.

Photo courtesy of Jacques Pavlenyi.


Lotusphere 2011 is coming to a social network near you

Collaboration, social networking, disruptive technologies, social media… the list goes on. Lotusphere is IBM’s premier event dealing with this emerging space where technology intersects with people intersects with business.

The event takes place from Jan 30 – Feb 3 in that last vestige of sunshine at this time of year: Orlando, Florida.

As you’d expect for a conference covering all things social, there are a number of ways to connect if you can’t make it down there this year.

Definitely check out the social media aggregator pulling together relevant content from blogs, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. If you are planning on generating one iota of content around the event, register and remember to use #LS11 or #LotusKnows  in your blog posts/tweets to bask in the social glow this aggregator provides.

For the big announcements, keep an eye on the Livestream channel which will be broadcasting highlights from across the conference.

For the extended community (albeit in Twitter, YouTube, Facebook…), the developerWorks team have done an excellent job of putting together a community page.

Let’s face it, Orlando’s a fitting place for a conference on social business: this has to be one of the ‘hottest’ areas of the tech industry right now.


Google Wave – why all the fuss?

For sale: Google Wave InvitesLooks like the hype around Google Wave is growing. Helped in part by the severe dearth in accounts currently available. And you know what that does: leave us social media geeks working ourselves up into a lather.

Still, if you watch this presentation from Epipheo Labs, this may help go someway to see that there could be much more to this beyond the hype:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/rDu2A3WzQpo" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

Oh, and if that doesn’t have your iPhone in a tizzy, check out this handy guide from Mashable (it seems hardly a blog post can pass without making reference to the mighty Mashable).

And yes, I’m in that not-so-small coterie trying to get their hands on an account.