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The touchy subject of CEOs blogging

Mario Sundar once again picks up on the subject of CEOs blogging. Will this issue ever be put to sleep? I doubt it. Why? I’d suggest there are just way too many variables involved. It is like asking should you have long hair? (OK, perhaps a dodgy analogy, but it is late on Friday, and hopefully you get my point).

Some things to consider:

  • Is the CEO remotely interested in blogging?
  • Is there a viable topic with an audience behind it? (if you sell carpets in the Boondocks, then I’d suggest not)
  • Does the CEO have the time, whatever that may be?
  • Can the CEO really write? (I know from experience this is by no means a prerequisite for leading a company)
  • Is the company setup to deal with the feedback that can come from a CEO blogging?

I’d probably lean towards saying that it is a good thing for a CEO to blog. One thing that could be more realistic and useful in many cases is a CEO microblogging. It is more lightweight, yet could still be interesting for employees, investors, customers, etc.

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