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From blog post to Twitter: auto-posting the Feedburner way

You got those blogging blues? All that time and effort penning wonderfully erudite missives and no one can be arsed to show up and read the damn things? Just too many blogs crowding out your place in the sun on the mighty Google? Might be time to start looking…

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Feedburner: pinging blog aggregators and more

You may be aware of the Google Feedburner service: a great tool to add significant power to your RSS feed. What you may not be aware of are some of the other features Feedburner offers. In this post I’ll explain some of the features we’ve been testing here on…

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Blog posting made easy: Windows Live Writer

I’d venture to say the hard part in blogging is coming up with good ideas and finding the time to turn them into attractive blog posts. However, that final stage of laying the post out in your blogging platform can add some friction to the process. Most…

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Corporate blogging: dialogue, not soliloquy

On the Social TNT blog, Chrisopher Lynn makes the great point that corporate blogging is not like other marketing channels: it’s about fostering a dialogue rather than broadcasting a message. He uses the great analogy of locking yourself in a

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The touchy subject of CEOs blogging

Mario Sundar once again picks up on the subject of CEOs blogging. Will this issue ever be put to sleep? I doubt it. Why? I’d suggest there are just way too many variables involved. It is like asking should you

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WordPress meeting: Wordcamp San Francisco 2008

Wordcamps are events organised by the WordPress gang to pull together developers working on the popular blogging platform. The latest event took place recently in San Francisco, pulling together some of the top brass working on WordPress. The affable inventor

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