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Blog implementation: do you risk the fear of success?

Fear of SuccessThe BPI Institute website have an article covering the problems of successfully implementing a business process management¬† (BPM) solution. Don’t know what a BPM is? Don’t worry – I only have the faintest idea.

What was striking were the reasons for failure the piece lists:

  1. lack of understanding what BPM really is
  2. fear of failure
  3. fear of criticism/losing face
  4. unwillingness to change
  5. fear of success
  6. fear of reality
  7. belief that expensive tools are necessary to get started

It struck me that these apply to the implementation of many technologies, including setting up a corporate blog. For instance, the idea that no one will read your content (fear of failure) is a roadblock to many a blog being setup.

The fear of success really bemused me at first, until I dug further. Jealousy is a very human trait. In the workplace we can express this around projects which we didn’t kick-start ourselves. If a corporate blog solution is initiated by marketing, when you turn to the sales team for help on an in-depth post explaining customer pain points, you may meet a wall of resistance.

As a successful blog often involves the participation of many constituents across the organization, when setting up the blog it can be prudent to let all parties think they come up with the idea. For instance, don’t show up with a fully realized idea with all details filled in. Leave some room for other teams to offer their feedback, so the blog you come up with is as much theirs as it is yours.

The final point on this list is also pertinent: the belief that expensive tools are necessary to start blogging. It is true that to get to get a blog fully integrated into your core website can involve hosting, programming, design and possibly software expense (although open source solutions like WordPress suffice in most situations), you can just as easily forgo all of these and setup a pilot blog on Blogger, WordPress, Posterous or any of the other online blogging services available. These are perfect if you just want to dip your toe in and see if you have what it takes to maintain a blog long-term. If the pilot works, most platforms have tools that will allow you to pull the content onto your own site or at least link across to the new location.

So if any of these points resonate with you, go back to the BPM Institute and you may well find some guidance from an unlikely source.