they don’t see seo

seo is the afterthought. why don’t they notice that putting it at the beginning before they start has a lot of advantages. it’s because it’s not done. or hasn’t been done before. marketing just isn’t that used to knowing so much about its audience.

old-school editorial processing is meant to be the answer. but why not test everything? find out what people respond to. distill your business plan down to a few terms and then find out if that is what people want on the net. use the ov tool. try google adwords campaigns. and then structure a site around this and start to build. don’t build and then think they’ll come ’cause you’ll have to fight for them. find them first and build around them. wrap them up in the experience. they’ll tell others. you’ll be in a space that few others have reached. yet.

Reverse engineering – latest mobile phone developments

welcome the latest jap phone – the S phone. no more the tired old technology driven race for more flashy bells and whistles.

now we have the anti-gadget. a consumable that has the normal gadget driven freaks salivating at the complete lack of features. a mobile phone without a screen with all the functionality of a dial phone. that is all you can do. you will either have to memorise or have your address book at hand when you want to call those tedious mobile numbers.

where will it end? the PC that doesn’t have a screen but rollers you feed paper into?