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The rapid growth of social over search

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Take a look at this graph pulled from Google Trends comparing the search terms ‘social media marketing’ and ‘search marketing’. Blue: social media marketing Red: search marketing I wonder if this keeps any folks at the mighty G up at

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The roots of social business (short animated presentation)

How do social networks effect the way in which we conduct business? I’ve had the opportunity to discuss this question with industry experts, academics and (thankfully) students over the last year or so. I’ve boiled the results down into this

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If culture holds the key to social business adoption, then the door is already open

In a provocative piece in ZD Net, Larry Dignan picks up on a thread doing the rounds in the online business/technology sphere suggesting social software vendors are feeling the pinch when it comes to social adoption within the enterprise. On

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IBM Forms Demo (IBM SmartCloud for Social Business)

I was recently asked how to setup a public survey using IBM Forms so thought I would take the time to put together a quick demo. In this instance I’m using the SmartCloud for Social Business which includes IBM Forms

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