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Twoogle: get latest coverage of #SWSX on your phone

TwoogleIt’s South by Southwest time and I’m one of the many that just couldn’t make it there.

Still, that doesn’t stop me wanting know what’s going on. And given that I do the majority of reading on my phone these days, a mobile app makes perfect sense. So that’s what we have here. Twoogle is a small mobile web app to keep up with the latest news from down there in Texas.

This is a mobile-optimized website so will run on any handheld device with a modern browser (iPhone, Android, Blackberry). If you have a 2-D barcode scanner, point it at this QR code:

It’s pretty simple: see either the latest tweets or news/blog articles. Why concentrate on only Twitter and Google? These services combined offer wonderful event coverage: dipping into Twitter occasionally gives you a sense of the general vibe and Google is great for the macro/high level coverage.

Twoogle is built on top of the HTML5 JQueryMobile framework so like any other webpage just go ahead and bookmark and, if so inclined, add a shortcut to your homepage. After the event, just delete the shortcut Рno need to worry about installing any risky apps or taking up precious storage space on your phone.

Get back to me with any feedback.