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Survey: how do you rate your healthcare?

A good friend is working through her MBA and in the context of her studies is conducting a survey to better understand health insurance from the consumer’s point of view.

The survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete, and is fully anonymous and confidential. Data is gathered only for academic purposes.

Willing to help out?

Mobile and cloud computing: key growth areas for IBM business partners

In a recent article in Vertical Systems Reseller (VSR), Mike Riegel, VP IBM Developer Relations highlights the importance of mobile and cloud computing. Drawing on research in the 2010 IBM Tech Trends Survey of IT professionals, Mike points out how these technologies are critical to clients looking to optimize their IT strategies. This in turn has significant financial implications on the technology industry:

"Gartner also predicts a huge increase in both mobile and cloud computing, with $6.2 billion expected to be spent on mobile applications and $68.3 billion in cloud computing services in 2010 alone."

Amongst those capitalizing capitalizing on these growth areas are IBM business partners.

Citysourced build civic engagement by offering a platform where an individual can record an issue in a public space, such as vandalism, flooding, graffiti, broken street lighting etc., all via an update from a mobile device. Public officials can logon to the site and respond to these messages from the community. As Citysourced Founder & Chief Architect Jason A. Kiesel points out, "Mobile computing simply offers [government and businesses] something no desktop experience can – efficiency."

He likens the current growth in mobile to the emergence of the web 15 years ago: there is an inertia and cynicism in the IT industry around mobile technology, with many still questioning whether the space is being over-hyped. The difference this time is the rate of growth and user adoption:  mobile strategy is now not seen as a "nice to have, but as a must have.".

Akros TechLabs offer secure sign-in across mobile devices for applications where security is paramount, including online banking and health care. They see cloud and mobile computing as inextricably linked: "Mobile computing doesn’t work without cloud—and we’re seeing growing acceptance of both among customers across many industries." says CEO Sid Prasanna. Many apps developed for hand-held devices rely on cloud services – differing from the PC paradigm where most applications are run locally.

As our world becomes more interconnected, mobile and cloud computing applications are becoming commonplace throughout our lives. IBM business partners are playing a vital role in this evolution.

Read about more IBM partners in the Vertical Systems Reseller article.