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Can you #Growthhack Twitter? Day 1

I wanna keep this brief as I really just want to see if you can work out techniques that will help me get more value from Twitter. (I won’t go into here why the focus is on Twitter right now).

  • I want to better understand the environment in which I work (currently tech, startup, social, mobile, cloud – you get the idea).
  • I want to hear from the most provocative minds and build relationships with similar spirits
  • I do want to grow my network appropriately: I believe that the smartest person in the room, is the room, and so I want a bigger room
  • I don’t want to employ spammy tactics or automation to engineer results that don’t give me real value (I come from the SEO world and so have been there in the past)
  • I do want to build on a model I used successfully 3 years ago to grow a developer-focused account from 30K to 60K followers in about a year
  • I want to share as much of what I’m doing as possible in the hope that others will share their advice and I might actually help someone(!)

The initial thesis here goes something like this:

The three Cs of Social Media Marketing

I’ve been working in social media marketing for about the last 6 years (and blogging for the last 10)  and working on some major launches at IBM this year has got me thinking that most activities do fall into those 3 C’s: content, community and celebrity. There may be a fourth that Kimberly Legocki brought to my attention: crisis management. Maybe it does fit in. Right now, it doesn’t seem like too big a problem in the ‘Safe For Work’ environment of B2B (am I cursing myself with that comment?). 

So, for day 1 lets take a look at one area I think often gets overlooked: Twitter lists.

Twitter List Management

This is really a prep exercise, not sure there will be real immediate return here yet. Twitter lists are great when you follow more than your immediate family and want to tame the firehose. I also think they are great to keep abreast of your current interests, or people you’ve met through different engagements.

As I do more of my social interaction on a mobile device, using lists has become more crucial. I’ve been keeping lists for some time, so feel like some serious housekeeping is in order. Today I actually managed to get rid of a load I don’t need.

Currently the kind of lists I have are:

  • Related by topic area (socbiz, startup, education)
  • Related by location (Bay Area, NYC, LA) – I have added some related to parts of the world I know people but we’re on different timezones
  • Work colleagues

Take a look at them here. Now, I’ll continue to develop out these lists and will keep you informed of progress Winking smile,  Or you can just see what’s happening at @CagedEther.