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From STEM to STEAM: it’s a carnival!

Now, if you hang anywhere around the education and tech space, you’re probably familiar with the STEM acronym: science, technology, engineering and math(s) – the core skills on which a tech industry is built. Or so it used to go.

What’s missing from the equation (excuse the pun) is the creative mind. The importance of design and art. Think of how Mr Jobs was more fixated on Bauhaus than physics, and used those principles in his iconic tech designs. Our own Phil Gilbert pointed out that when it comes to technology, the nuts and bolts of development have now been largely commoditized. There’s a service and script for just about everything. So how do you differentiate your product or app?

Design is the answer!

Hence that takes us from STEM to STEAM: science, technology, engineering, ART and math. The Maker Movement on high-tech psychotropics. Burning Man step aside.

The STEAM carnival is coming to LA on October 24-5. To set things off, IBM has teamed up with Tl;dr and Two Bit Circus to throw a hacker preview party on Thursday October 23.

The afternoon program includes:

  • Sneak preview of the games and amusement
  • Networking, entertainment and demos
  • Open bar and cocktails made by our robot bartender
  • An app challenge with $7,000 in cash prizes!
  • Lasers, fire and robots!

Want to come along and show off your inventions?

Check out the event and register for an invite.

And of course, let me know your STEAM creations in the comments here.