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Don’t stare at your stats: build blog traffic instead

Problogger runs a great post on what you can do with the spare time you can gain from not obsessing over your blog stats. So, rather than looking at who’s coming to your blog and what they do when they get there, concentrate more on getting more (and better) traffic to your site.

There are some real gems in this post such as:

readers really don’t “care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

and on top of that a great call for benevolence: why not spend some time helping new bloggers. Your reward will come. I’d suggest this all points towards one overarching principle which seems to underpin successful blogging: think of your writing more as community service rather than self-promotion.

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Blogs: more visitors than Facebook

Possibly a bit premature given that the year is not even over yet, but MediaPost have pulled together a number of statistics on how many blogs are out there, how many people reads them, and how much money they make.

According to comScore, blogs had 77 million unique visitors in the US for August 2008 – as opposed to Facebook, which only had an audience of 41million. I didn’t expect these figures to be quite so high. Another impressive figure is that 77% of active internet users read blogs. Quite impressive given that the medium has only been around for about the last 5 years.

There is a lot more information in the MediaPost research brief. Read more…