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How CIPCO use IBM SPSS Statistics to improve energy supply

imageSPSS have put out a case study showing how the Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO) switched from using Excel spreadsheets to IBM SPSS Statistics to optimize those decisions an energy utility provider has to make: capital planning, utility rate setting, power purchases, emissions tracking and more.

Given that energy requirements: supply, demand, price can shift on an hourly basis, tracking these across the 3,000 power nodes CIPCO provides is no trivial matter. As CIPCO’s Lisa Sell points out, "IBM SPSS Statistics gives us the power and flexibility to keep track of everything, with very little manual manipulation." The growing wind farm industry in Iowa adds even more uncertainty into the equation. Sell and her team use Statistics to analyze the dynamic pricing of wind-generated energy and its effect on the rest of the system.

In addition to forecasting and planning the IBM SPSS solution also helps CIPCO keep compliant with the annual power generation and cost reporting required by government agencies, as well as calculating the profitability of the various plants.

Read the full case study