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Finding a Google+ numeric ID

If you are working with the Google+ API for tracking or other purposes, you may have noticed that you need to match against the numeric ID for the G+ user account. This isn’t the easiest thing to find and took

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Comments on ‘Advocate Marketing Explained’ (@briangladstein)

I like the way Brian Gladstein makes his point in this presentation on Advocate Marketing: Advocate Marketing Explained from Brian Gladstein It’s interesting that Brian focuses on the customer as advocate and not other groups such as employees or partners.

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Don’t undervalue the power of the dorm room citizen developer

One of the big findings from the 2014 IBM Business Tech Trends study was the fact that companies are finding more value from attracting armies of developers who had no previous affiliation with themselves (who we call citizen developers). For

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Finally, I’m using our internal slideshare: that is, IBM Docs!

You have to wonder why given the success of Slideshare (just ask its 60 million users), there there isn’t more of that kind of technology being used inside companies. I’m sure you’ve noticed that as you progress upwards in an

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Is technology helping you gain competitive advantage? (Cool use of Instagram alert)

At 1pm ET on Aug 21, the latest Business Tech Trends Study will focus in on how pace-setting organizations use social, mobile, cloud and analytics to stand out from the crowd. As great as that will be, I do want to

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Great example of on-site video production: Post-it Idea Booth

So, months after SXSW I’m still thinking what a great idea this was from the post-it team… setup a booth where you can record stories of how your products/services change people’s lives: The outcome? Well, you can see those on

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The impact of driverless cars on insurance

I had an interesting discussion with Lee Fogle a year ago who was them at Exigen. We talked broadly about some of the key trends in car insurance and it began to dawn what a different landscape we will have

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#SMBEB: Jory Des Jardins, BlogHer on current state of blog publishing

When Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort Page and Jory Des Jardins founded BlogHer in 2005 they were only thinking of helping showcase women bloggers, not of building the content network empire that BlogHer is today. In an inspiring Social Media Breakfast

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