About Daryl Pereira

Current occupation: Social Business Manager, IBM


Following an initial degree in the humanities and social science, I spent time as a journalist working in Goa around 1995. At this time I realised the potential impact of the internet for the cheap distribution of information and what this might mean. The one thing I didn’t foresee was the huge explosion in citizen journalism that blogging would eventually spark.

A Masters in Multimedia and work for ISPs and internet design companies eventually landed me a webmaster position in Silicon Valley with ILOG.

A few years later I found myself up to my neck in search marketing tactics while holding down a communications and training role for the UK SEM agency iCrossing.

This took me back to ILOG, and after a sojourn in France, back to the US. ILOG is now part of IBM, and so am I!


On a good day: corporate blog maintenance, social media strategizing, web marketing, multimedia development.

On a bad day: wondering why I quit gardening.


Me on Twitter

My experience as a journalist in Goa

Popround (a mixtape collective site I helped setup and run)

Super steaming shit search (informal part of my Multimedia degree, programmed in Director, Flash’s big brother)

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