IBM @ TiEcon 2014

I’m looking forward to attending my first TiEcon event tomorrow. If past events are anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat from some of the brightest minds in the startup/tech space.

And some of those minds just happen to currently hold positions at IBM. Just take a look at this line-up of IBM speaking engagements:

9:15 am 
Fireside chat in the Grand Key note Hall
Mike Rhodin, Manoj Saxena

10:15  am
Announcement of Big Data Lightning Round Winners
Piyush Malik

10:45 am
Onramp to Big Data session with Gartner in Big Data Track
Piyush Malik

12:15 pm
Fireside Chat on Cognitive Computing in Big Data track
Dr Laura Haas

1:45 pm
To Introduce the Afternoon Keynote in Big Data track
Piyush Malik

2:30 pm  
To introduce the panel on Technology Landscape of Big Data
C Mohan

2:45 pm 
Panelist on the cloud Infrastructure track
Monica Hein

4:30 pm
Keynote in IOT track by Sandy Carter
Sandy Carter

4:45 pm 
Fireside introduction on Big data in Education with Andre Ng CEO
Piyush Malik

6:35 pm
Tie50 Award Ceremony
Sandy Carter

Thanks to Piyush Malik  @pmalik1 for compiling this list!

I look forward to seeing you there…

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