MyMenu: IBM Pulse App Throwdown winner brings mobile, cloud and analytics to restaurants

Have you ever sat at a restaurant and wanted to make sure the creator of that sumptuous Tiramisu knows just how good it really is? Or find an easy way to give feedback on less-than-stellar service? MyMenu has the answer.

The startup has developed an app (which incidentally runs on IBM Bluemix) to simplify the dining experience via your mobile device. As Mark Little, CEO of MyMenu explains, whilst many restaurants can develop their own app to build engagement with their diners, this can lead to ‘appathy’: after all, do we really want an app for every restaurant we frequent?

What’s more, MyMenu provides restaurants with deep analytics they can use to make better decisions. Any negative comments immediately trigger a notification to the restaurant so they can act on it immediately.

For this reason, MyMenu achieved most votes via Twitter during the IBM Pulse conference, picking up the IBM Pulse App Throwdown crown, beating out five five formidable participants

See the MyMenu application video

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