What are the key topics submitted by IBMers for SXSW?

So, voting for SXSW 2014 speaker sessions opened today.

This is where you, the audience, has the opportunity to vote on upcoming sessions for the popular Austin, TX event which famously helped bring Twitter and Foursquare (ok, and a bunch of other starry-eyed game-changing startups) to the world.

Just what are those hot topics that cutting-edge IBM execs and employees want the world to know about?

If you take all the submitted abstracts and drop the text into the wonderful Wordle tool, this is what you’ll see:


Social, Mobile and Data figure highly, as well you might expect. But you’ll also see the prevalence of the term ‘design’. It’s difficult right now to differentiate design from the development of solutions for enterprises. Mobile interfaces demand it. Social interfaces are pushing the boundaries. Consumerization of IT applies the pressure.

Below you’ll see my picks from the IBM submissions. Voting is easy: first sign up and then click on the ‘Thumbs Up’ icon you’ll find in the top left of a submission page.

Avoid being a social zombie in a global world

From Dubai to Mumbai to Zürich, companies report that zombie communities abound. Who knew? Just as there are similarities globally for social, global nuances are also emerging. Leading author and well-traveled IBM senior executive Sandy Carter stresses the importance of thinking through our cultural differences when it comes to engaging on social media.

Sandy will be bolstering her presentation with observations from Tom Smith, CEO of GlobalWebIndex, one of the leading research organizations on global social media trends.

Submission page

User Experience Design and Agile at the mobile frontier

Good design is good business. Leigh Williamson, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Rational CTO, describes how to face mobile projects with an Agile methodology: adapting your deliverables to your stakeholders whilst incorporating a distinctive design.

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Mobile enables the Internet of Things

Ed Brill, Director, Mobile Enterprise Marketing at IBM will explain why mobile is more than phones and tablets.

Advances in technology are enabling machine to machine connections that are redefining business. For instance nanotechnology helps us infuse intelligence and processing power into objects to create thinking things and the latest power technology allow us to place devices in more remote locations than ever before.

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You can see more talks submitted by IBMers for SXSW 2104 by searching on ‘IBM’ here.

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