Porter Gale on power of relationships at #SMBEB

Porter Gale knows a thing or two about building relationships, having been VP of Marketing for Virgin America amongst other things.

As Porter explained at a recent Social Media Breakfast, in her book ‘Your Net worth is your Network” she makes the case that there is little more valuable in life than the relationships you build. And in order to do that, she suggests we have to be concise and consistent in how we put ourselves out there when we network.

Porter offers the following framework:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of passion and discovering what it is you really feel strongly about
  • Add to this your tone: in Porter’s case she wishes to be ‘inspirational’ which may mean catching herself and holding back on ranting through her networks
  • Combining your passions and tone allows you to be clear and communicate your purpose

You can uncover more on this in her book.

On a related note, I did find myself going back and looking at the central theme in sociologist Erving Goffman’s seminal book ‘The Presentation of Everyday Self’. Borrowing from the theatrical world, Goffman talks of the backstage and front-stage personas we adopt and which come into play when we interact with others. I couldn’t help thinking Porter’s message pushes for us to consider how best to link the back- and front-stage and then define the role we act out.

One thing I’m still trying to figure out is how this relates to what appears to be a more extreme, unmediated life-streaming position proposed by the likes of Jeff Jarvis in ‘Public Parts’ and which Luis Suarez picks up in his discussion on social vs. open business.

Anyhow, we saw some great coverage from the event:

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