Fabian Divito on the impact of becoming a social business

The real value in social is in connecting it to business processes. So said Fabian Divito, an IBM Collaboration and Portal Specialist, speaking at the Social Business Symposium held at San Jose State University late last year.

In the past many social networks were implemented within the firewall as stand-alone instances, effectively forums available for discussion, but not tied to any function, role or process. This obviously led to problems of adoption. Sure, some folks would naturally take to the tools and become high activity contributors, but overall it becomes incredibly difficult to show the business value for the setup and maintenance of the network when its not embedded into people’s work environment.

However, Fabian points out that we’re beginning to see social networking playing a more central role in the enterprise and so more examples of business impact are coming through.

Read more on this or watch the whole presentation over on the Social Business School Blog.

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