Why is the Request For Enhancement Good?

At Impact, we are announcing the new WebSphere Request for Enhancement Community. On Monday, we talked about why what it is in detail. Well, the next logic discussion is "why it is good for you and IBM"?
To start, the results of IBM’s community-driven
RFE system are remarkable. Over 20,000 RFEs have been submitted to date with almost
2,300 already delivered into a previously released version of a product, or in
the next available release. Customers may submit RFEs for products in five IBM
product families: Lotus, Rational, Tivoli,
Information Management, and, recently WebSphere. And with the success of the program,
more product groups are getting onboard, bringing closer to making the IBM RFE
the one-stop shop for customer-driven requirements gathering. As a customer, never
again do you have to worry about your requirements falling into virtual black
holes. And as a product decision maker, the IBM RFE gives you access to your
customers through a direct, manageable, and productive model.

Join the Unconference today (Wed May 2) at Impact to learn more about WebSphere RFE Community with Andrew Bates!

via developerWorks@Impact https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/dwimpact/entry/why_is_the_request_for_enhancement_good5?lang=en

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