Influence IBM products with the Request for Enhancement Community (RFE)

Influence WebSphere product development with the WebSphere Request for Enhancement (RFE) community on IBM developerWorks. Unlike many other companies’ requirements submission systems, the IBM RFE is an online community consists of both customers and product team members. In fact, IBM product decision makers are active participants of the RFE community, communicating with and working alongside to refine requirements to produce products that meet customers’ needs. RFE submissions are, in general, open to other community members to view, remark, and improved upon. IBM developerWorks is IBM’s premier development resource site, making it the ideal home for the IBM RFE community.

Stay tuned to check out the Unconference (Wednesday, May 2, from 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm) where Andrew Bates from WebSphere will give you a demo of the tool!

via developerWorks@Impact

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