What is the ideal blog template width?

Got caught up on a discussion around what screen resolutions most people use these days to view blogs. Made me dig into the trusty Google Analytics to see if I could discover anything for this very blog.

This is what I found:

Less than 10% of the audience use 1024×768 or less. Given that the majority of visitors are using around 1280, I’d suggest you can happily design a template at 1,000px with the sound knowledge that practically none of your audience will have a horizontal scroll. This is slightly wider than the advice from BloggingPro earlier this year.

Looking at some of the top blogs out there, Mashable weighs in at around 970px wide. Politico is a royal 1,000px and Robert Scoble’s blog sits at around 960px.

Any web designers out there know how this compares with regular websites?

One thought on “What is the ideal blog template width?”

  1. hmmm, not sure what you consider regular websites, but i can give you my mom blogger website numbers.
    1024×768: 19.56%
    1280×800: 15.60%
    1440×900: 12.31%
    1280×1024: 11.65%
    1366×768: 8.35%
    1680×1050: 6.59%
    1920×1200: 5.93%
    320×480: 3.74%
    1920×1080: 3.52%
    1024×600: 2.20%

    hope this helps as something to compare to.
    My website is 1000px.

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