Sharp rise in social media consumption from IT professionals

According to recent research by, IT professionals consume more social media content at a higher rate than either editorial or vendor content (question to Toolbox: is there a blurry line between these classifications?). Toolbox states: ‘Respondents consumed social media
at a rate of 5.86 hours per week, versus 3.81 for editorial content
and 3.41 for vendor content.

Key takeaway from this data would be if you are not currently using blogs and other social media to interact with this audience, it might not be a bad time to start. As an example, if you put out press releases to announce new products and iterations, you can back this up with more detailed insight on ‘how’ and ‘why’ these changes occurred. Google is a master of this and in fact use blogs as the primary vehicle for external communications. Another example that came up this week is using social media to uncover the stories buried in typical marketing case studies. In this case it may be going into some depth on the technical implementation, technologies and steps involved in reaching those headline ROI figures that are often called out.

The study also suggests that ‘More than 55% of IT professionals use social media to make better decisions based on insights from like-minded professionals.’ If you are a social media practitioner in the B2B space, you are probably accustomed to the struggle of getting IT professionals to participate. This statistic could help you convince management on the development side of the business that it’s worth incentivizing participation in social media: you may see a profound impact on your bottom line.

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