Tweetdeck introduces new features including Directory

Tweetdeck, one of the most popular Twitter desktop clients, has recently rolled out a new edition which now features a directory of Twitterers to follow. Topics include ‘Sports News’, ‘Environment’, ‘Technology’, ‘Business & Marketing’ amongst others.

The service is particularly useful for newer users of Twitter who are still trying to figure out the technology: the directory makes it easy to instantly follow top Tweeters in these fields. This is how the Tweetdeck team describe the service:

Think of it as a TV Guide for Twitter channels.  Simply browse the directory by topic.  You’ll find everything from music to news and sports to travel.  When you find the perfect group for you simply click ‘Add to TweetDeck’ and the column will magically appear in your TweetDeck.

There are a few pieces to this which I’m still not clear on, such as who decided which profiles are included in the directory and whether this will be updated over time. At a stretch you could say this directory gives a competitive advantage to those listed on it.

There are a bunch of other new features in this release including enhanced Facebook posting and support. So if you haven’t already, download the latest version and see why Tweetdeck is the most popular Twitter client out there.

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