WordPress conference in San Francisco May 30, 2009

If you are a WordPress user (either WordPress.com or WordPress.org) based around Sillicon Valley interested in knowing more about this popular blogging platform, then check out Wordcamp San Francisco.

Hosted by the amiable and effervescent WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, Wordcamps look at blogging from all angles. If you are wondering how to drive more traffic to your blog, Matt Cutts of Google will be running a session on how Google treats blogs. If you are trying to build a community site, then check out presentations by Andy Peatling (developer of BuddyPress) and Tara Hunt of Citizen Agency. Other notable speakers include Tim Ferriss, John Lilly of Mozilla, and Scott Porad of Lolcats fame.

Check out the full schedule or my coverage from the morning sessions last year.

Why am I ‘bigging up’ this conference so much? Of all the tech events I attended in 2008 (when budgets for these still existed), Wordcamp was by far the most rounded and inspirational. Less hype, more talk, could be one way of putting it.  I’ll be there covering the event, so if you can’t make it, check back after the event for a roundup of the sessions I make.

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