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This week I was particularly drawn by Colin Becker’s article on his experiences as a guest blogger. He details the process he went through to write a guest article. He rounds off the piece with this comment:

“Would I do it again? – you bet!”

Recently we used a number of guest bloggers to help cover an event. From my side of the fence, I would also employ the tactic again. We generated much more expert content than we could have done on our own, and what’s more, many of the bloggers linked to their content on our site (links we wouldn’t have otherwise received). If you are interested, read more on my thoughts on guest blogging.

News highlights

The psychology behind corporate blogging: why companies don’t get involved
Some great tips here on what to avoid and some of the obstacles. Such as just republishing the information of others. Or the fact it’s cheap mean organizations wonder whether there’s any value in it.

A guest blogger’s perspective
Asking someone to guest on your blog is a great way to boost content and your network at the same time. The blogger has the opportunity to share their expertise in a new space. Everyone wins. Just make sure the match is a good one and the remit is clear!

Ten “Must Haves” for a corporate blog
Here’s a good quick list of what should be present on a corporate blog. Build credibility and use a pic of each blogger! Also make sure you come up with a posting schedule. I know I keep listing these kinds of posts, but these points do need to be hammered home.

Message Matters in a Corporate Blogging Strategy: remember empathy
The human touch can go a long way, according to Your PR Guy. Think of the human interest angle and ditch all the stats and numbers. Bear this in mind when you blog.

Twitter #3 social networking site, according to Compete
In its ranking of top social networking sites, puts Twitter just below the big hitters of Facebook and Myspace  – both of whom dwarf all competition. Flickr and YouTube are nowhere to be seen – I guess they are not classified as social networks.

TwitterSheep – see the profile of your followers
Ever wonder about the demographics of your Twitter followers? TwitterSheep is a great tool to see how they describe themselves. When it comes to pushing the word out there, use Twittersheep to see who are the main influencers in your space.

15 Fortune 500 Companies That Really Get Corporate Blogging
Apologies if I’ve highlighted this post before, but it really does a good job of explaining the ingredients that go into a successful corporate blog. Everything is covered here, from Adobe employee blogs to behind-the-scenes look at news coverage on the BBC. If you want to learn from the best, check this out.

Tweet This, a WordPress Plugin for Twitter
Make it easy for your readers to instantly add your blog post to Twitter. This plugin also handles URL shortening. I’m all setup so give this a try below, if you like.

The future of advertising (a presentation)
Advertising connects people with companies. Sounds like what social networks do now. This great Slidecast covers how advertising will change as mass media subsides and we become more connected.

We don’t need a Social Media ROI model (The bamboo raft)
Aaron Kim isn’t suggesting that we shouldn’t measure Web 2.0 activities, rather that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. One approach: “By setting aside an innovation bucket and establishing a portfolio of parallel innovation initiatives, you can hedge your bets and improve your overall success rate.”

Web 2.0 Case Study: Barack Obama’s Use of Social Media
An interesting article on how the Obama administration made use of social media. They utilized their own site in conjunction with popular social networks with one overarching strategy.

B2B marketers starting to embrace social media
Gino Cosme points to some interesting articles around how the B2B world is utilizing social media. The tone is often different. As Paul Gillin points out:
“You won’t find a lot of playful repartee and trivia contests here. These blogs are intended to communicate useful information and reinforce their authors and their companies as authorities in their fields.” Notable differences when applying social networking to the B2B model.

Have passion and care about your users: Gary Varnechuk
The inimitable wine TV star goes to town on what you need to succeed in a Web 2.0 world. Big point: if you don’t have a passion for what you do, give up. It’s hard work to keep at it and succeed – now more than ever. Although he doesn’t talk about corporate blogging specifically, this is all relevant stuff. If you’re in the mood for an inspirational video, check this out.

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