Corporate Twitter applications

Smoothspan (whoever that is) has a great post on using Twitter within your company.

Whether you love or hate Twitter, there ARE conversations happening out there. But how should you get involved? Pay attention to the limitations and benefits of the medium:

By only allowing 140 words, [Twitter] changes the nature of the conversation that takes place. Ask yourself what kinds of conversations are better served by only allowing 140 characters? As a quick, special purpose brainstorming tool, I suspect there are a number of “Twitter Games” one could come up with that would be ideal. How about the exercise of naming a product? That seems ideal for a Twitter exchange. Or how about working on an elevator pitch?

Other examples include using Twitter as a newsfeed (which I’d recommend) and telemetry – that is using Twitter as the underlying application: use 3rd party services or the robust API to post to and read from Twitter.

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