You have your blog, what other pages do you need?

Buildify have a great post detailing the additional pages you can add to supplement your blog. This is a great idea given the number of visitors that will arrive deep into a blog through search. Treat every page as a landing page and make sure you have the resources available that will let your visitors know more about you and your blog.

For instance, an About Us page is vital to give your blog some background and personality. A Contact Us page lets users get in touch, and adds a degree of transparency. The Update Page they suggest I find a bit more tricky to understand although they describe it as a place where you can get all ‘salesy’. Having a page that lists all extensions, widgets and plugins is great to offer all the tchotchkes now on offer that spreads your message beyond the corner of your blog.

All great pages to add – although some of these features could just as easily live on your sidebar. Just remember to include them somewhere and give that blog some context.

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