Scoble calls for companies to use Friendfeed

Robert Scoble, the celebrated ex-Microsoft blogger was recently interviewed by CIO Magazine.

For aggregating content, Scoble says he makes considerable use of Friendfeed.  He points out that although companies are beginning to embrace Twitter, there has been little involvement with FriendFeed.

Unless you are very large corporation (or have a very large brand), it can be difficult to build and maintain social networks and rely on your faithful customers to generate content for you. What these same customers may be more willing to do, is share relevant information they find with others in the community, as this involves less of that most precious resource: time. This is where Friendfeed comes in – the service makes it easy to share this information, and companies could set up rooms where users can post worthy information. Check out the FIR room for an example of how the For Immediate Release team are using Friendfeed to collect information on the social media space.

Just in case you are new to this service, check out this Friendfeed tutorial.

One thought on “Scoble calls for companies to use Friendfeed”

  1. Hmm, I keep meaning to try Friend Feed – both for myself and to perhaps make my social networking job for a big organization easier – but keep chickening out on playing around with it! I’ll just have to jump in, obviously.

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