When social networks talk: Friendfeed now linking to Twitter

Friendfeed, the aggregating social network now has an interesting feature: if you use Twitter, you can automatically post your Friendfeed activity as Tweets.

Friendfeed is ideal for pulling together all your updates on Flickr, Del.icio.us, Flickr or other online social networks. Twitter is rapidly becoming the de facto service for letting the world know what you are up to and has a network far exceeding that of Friendfeed (just check out Google Trends). Tying these two services together provides a great opportunity to broadcast the updates you make to your social networking accounts.

It works something like this:

To set this up, go into your Friendfeed account settings and at the bottom of the page you will see the ‘Feed Publishing’ options. Select the “Post my FriendFeed entries on Twitter” option and enter your Twitter account details. That’s pretty much it.

I have to say that in some respects, this service could be seen as a necessary fight for survival for Friendfeed. Like the video wars of the early ‘Eighties, there is only really enough space for one player in the market (if you recall, VHS took the lead and effectively eradicated Betamax). As users we suffer fatigue, and really don’t want to be tied to too many competing services. Friendfeed does have some advantages over Twitter in terms of its aggregation possibilities and the recently-updated interface, but Twitter, and the micro-blogging revolution it is fueling is definitely stealing the limelight. In effect, Friendfeed could be construed as being another one of the API services available to Twitter.

In case you are new to either of these services, here’s some tutorials to help explain how they work:

Friendfeed explained

Twitter explained