Blogging: a conversation not a broadcast

Amber Morris has written a great post detailing how blogging differs from other forms of corporate communications. If any of you follow blogs or have been writing blogs for sometime, this is nothing new. However, with more and more companies making the leap into corporate blogging (often lead by the same marketing folk responsible for the brochureware), the point is an important one.

Unlike almost any other form of corporate communications, blogging is about entering into the dialogue with your market. Know who your audience is and address it directly on its terms. If you must sell, then sell stories rather than products.

I remember reading a while back that the hardest thing for a radio presenter to do is address the audience when you can’t see them. One piece of advice there is to think of just one person and talk directly to them. The same can be said of blogging.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging: a conversation not a broadcast”

  1. Thanks Daryl. Your radio analogy is perfect. Second to posting frequently, we have found tone is the biggest challenge for our clients, who tend to get mired in “corporate speak.” I even think staying away from it in brochures and other corporate communications is the way to go, but that may be a fruitless battle.

  2. Thanks, Amber. Removing corporate speak from brochures and corp comms could be a tough sell. It works well for cookie cutter marketing. Although as the audience becomes more savvy this model may become less sustainable…

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