Whiteboard Friday on corporate blogging

SEOMoz does a great job of looking at corporate blogs from an SEO angle. Anyone involved in corporate blogging is probably aware that Google and the other engines really can breathe life into your blog. Even if your blog is prominently displayed on your website, it’s still common to see the big G take pole position in your referrer list.

So what exactly does the even-popular Whiteboard Friday bring to the table? Tips include optimizing your navigation to help draw your blog traffic into your core website.  Why not use the same top navigation you use across your site?

Getting into more in-depth SEO strategy, Scott Willoughby suggests that you shouldn’t use your blog to go after the same keywords you have optimized your main site for. The logic here is that your main (commercial) site will do a much better job of converting your users. Your blog can often outrank this site and so can pull in traffic from your key terms. Here’s the rub: what if you have much better potential for drawing higher rankings from your blog? Can it not be legitimate to effectively use a corporate blog to garner these rankings which might otherwise allude you? We’ve chosen this approach and so far it’s been working. For whatever reason, it is much easier for us to generate regular content on the blog, the blog attracts more links and in many cases has cleaner themes than our corporate site. Why shouldn’t we use this medium to target our top commercial terms?

Maybe I’m missing something…

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Corporate Blogging Tips from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo.

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