Latest blog statistics – majority of blogs are now corporate

It has been a while since we have heard from Technorati on just how many blogs are out there. I recently found myself peddling figures from early 2007. Which is like measuring the motor industry on the number of Ford Model T’s out there.

Apparently an update is in sight. According to the latest study, something you may have noticed is that blogs are here to stay. To date, Technorati has indexed around 113 million posts. For me a startling find is that more than half of all bloggers are professional – that is they blog about their industry or profession (not necessarily as the main part of their job). Maybe I spend too much time tracking the corporate blogging industry and the surrounding hype, but it appears like this trend will not abate as time goes on.

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One thought on “Latest blog statistics – majority of blogs are now corporate”

  1. hi Daryl
    That is the case with me. But the social web is a mixed bag. Blogging is where I post stuff about my work. Facebook is a combination of work and pleasure. Twitter is a lifestream of both. Web forums are work. Twine is work. Friendfeed is a mixture. LinkedIn strictly professional.

    My judgement is that most people lack confidence in written communication to participate in blogging or web discussion forums. That’s not to say that don’t read blogs. Bloggers are the new influencers.

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