Just why are you getting into corporate blogging?

Ouch. Scott Hepburn of PRStore really takes a swing at corporate blogging in particular and blogging in general. “Countless writer wannabes have started blogs, only to abandon them after a month.” I think Scott is playing the ‘comms-frontation’ card with aplomb: be controvertial to get your word out there. I’m not saying that he doesn’t make some fair points (I’ve read more than my fair share of blog posts that are press releases in sheep’s clothing). Still, there’s something tautological about using the blogging platform to trash the blogging platform.

Read the post, if you dare

One thought on “Just why are you getting into corporate blogging?”

  1. It’s funny which blog posts strike a nerve with readers. I never imagined this one would evoke much response, but it’s generated a wide range of feedback. Go figure!

    I’m not against blogging, per se. Rather, I meant for this to be a cautionary tale for corporate bloggers. There are plenty of arguments for greater use of company blogs…I just wanted to point out some of the roadbumps you might encounter.

    Thanks for noticing my post and offering your thoughts, Daryl. Always good to spark a conversation!

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