Friendfeed explained

Welcome to this first post in the Slideschool Series. The aim of this series is to uncover and explain web services and applications that have a major part to play in our evolving online existence.

First off is Friendfeed.

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Friendfeed is a nifty tool for keeping track of all your online activity – whether you blog, post pictures on Flickr, add videos to YouTube, Twitter away your life or engage in any one of the myriad of social networking sites out there. Friendfeed collects it all together in a single log.

What’s more, you can add other Friendfeed feeds to your own, to keep track of those people that interest you. Friendships are asymetrical meaning that those you follow don’t have to follow you (useful for keeping up with big hitters like Robert Scoble or Jeremiah Owyang).

Other services on offer are the ability to comment within the roll and to export your feed via RSS. Advanced users may also be interested in setting up Imaginary Friends (gulp).

If you haven’t already, go ahead and give it a whirl! BTW, you can find me here.

4 thoughts on “Friendfeed explained”

  1. Great stuff Daryl. I’m a big Friendfeed fan. Once you have defined who you want to follow i.e. those with common interests – for the sake of portability it can take over from most of your other feeds. I stopped using Google Reader (disappointingly) in favour of Friendfeed. Btw it has a great interface on the iPhone too 🙂

    Let’s speak soon D! Mail me 😉

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