Using Twitter and Acrobat for online seminars

Is there a chink in the Webex empire? With the proliferation of Web 2.0 tools out there, it looks like there is a way to run seminars that leave a bigger trail in the ether.

Attend any Web 2.0 seminar and you’ll probably see a bunch of these in action. The latest I’ve seen is this approach from Radian (with the help of CrossTech Media):

  • Use sharing tools to host the webinar portion (including audio and recording)
  • Use Twitter (or preferably another service that’s more stable) to engage the audience

What are the benefits of this approach? If your audience asks questions, those serve as marketing tools to their wider audience. You tap into their social graph. Your recording of the session is up in minutes after the event without having to go through any of the rigmarole Webex puts you through.

I’d be interested to see any other approaches that may go further in using online events as marketing tools.

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