But who will read my blog?

Being one of the evangelists of our corporate blogs, I still occasionally come up against the question of whether anyone actually still reads blogs. This seems bizarre to me on two grounds.

First is my background in search. A good blog has frequently updated content and an in-built linking structure. Two facets that Google and the other search biggies really love and hence the high search rankings (and oodles of traffic) for blogs.

The second reason is the quality of insight on top blogs. The cream of writers seem to be swarming to the medium and it’s hard to find an (offline) newspaper that doesn’t have a ‘visit our blogs’ section somewhere within the first couple of pages. This seems to have realigned the debate around whether blogs would kill off traditional news publishing. The relationship between the two media seems to be growing.

How about some empirical evidence to back up my ramblings? I’ve been struggling to find decent stats around this area. However I did come across some figures on the Federated Media site for the blogs within their advertising network. AltSearchEngines gets around 40,000 page views a month whereas Mashable attract over 2 million visitors a month and TechCrunch 5 million. Find the full list here. I can’t vouch for the veracity of these figures (given they are for advertising purposes), but even if you inject a healthy pinch of salt that’s a lot of eyeballs looking at tech blogs. If you are blogging in this area, be encouraged, young Padawans.
I’d be interested to know of any other figures anyone may have in this area.

2 thoughts on “But who will read my blog?”

  1. “AltSearchEngines gets around 40,000 page views a month whereas Mashable attracts over 2 million visitors…”

    Are you trying to cheer me up or what? šŸ˜‰

    Oh well, we all know size doesn’t matter!

    Charles Knight, editor

  2. Sorry – I wasn’t trying to pitch one site against another šŸ˜‰

    I was astounded at the level of traffic top blogs (by that I include yours) regularly receive.

    BTW, you may have noticed I didn’t go into detail on the traffic my humble blog receives. It’s less than 10% of yours.

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