BEA getting social with presentations

Online presentations really seem to be evolving at the moment. It looks like even in the shady backwaters of the B2B tech world, ideas around precision marketing have been spilling over into the way companies explain concepts and attract new users.

BEA once again seems to be leading the way with truly interactive presentations that really talk to YOU. Presenting Enterprise 2.0 is a Flash presentation with a difference: it starts by asking for some information from the user and is cleverly scripted so that information is provided on different levels. Don’t know what a wiki is? The presentation jumps off on a brief explanation. Once you’re up to date, you are brought back in line with the core narrative.

BEA Get Social

It’s like having your own personal teacher in class that can take you off to the side and explain bits you don’t understand.

it obviously takes a lot of work to construct, but one payback is the level of data you can extract from your viewers (much more effortlessly than getting them to fill out a form). As a viewer I really have the feeling that the data I provide is useful to me – it actually shapes the presentation.

With such presentations, BEA really is pushing the boundaries and moving the medium from broadcast to the narrowcast paradigm. I’m interested in any other examples in this area.

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