Measuring and evaluating blog traffic

Chris Baggott from Compendium Blog software does a good job to raise the issue of blog measurement. After all, if your company takes the plunge, you need a way to figure if all the effort is worth it. Also, nailing down KPIs can be tricky for blogs. Your core website may be aimed at lead generation, or better still eCommerce: both relatively straightforward goals to track. For your blogs this can be more tricky.

Just what exactly are you hoping to achieve with your blogs? Maybe you are looking to increase your search rankings. Blogs work well as Google bait and if you’ve set it up correctly, you should be able to figure out how many new visitors your corporate blog brings, and how many are attracted onto your core website to become a lead or make a purchase.

That’s great, but blogs do play as strong a part in brand awareness. That amorphous term that can prove so difficult to track down. Kind of related is the equally woolly term ‘engagement’. It’s great to focus on getting your visitors to hang around longer (improving your blog’s stickiness) but what are you looking for beyond this.

Sorry, I’ve digressed. Chris has just started this series and it will be interesting to watch it progress. I can’t help thinking that more and more corporate websites will become media portals – part editorial, part advert. To that end, it would really be worth looking at big media players (like CNN) and understand more about how they measure value.

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